Conceptual design for the Industrial Park in Chengde. The objective is to create a 350.000 sqm complex of offices, light laboratories, hotel and meeting center.
The project is designed in the first phase at the territorial level, and in the second phase at an architectural scale.
The report illustrates the generative criteria of the two design phases.
Territorial Design: The first phase organizes construction and green accommodation along existing paths and public spaces.
The project address two major concerns: on the one hand, it locates signs and geometries that characterize the site, so that the project can be anchored to the landscape, creating a settlement that is harmonious with, but not the replica of existing places.
On the other hand, we are developing a geometry that connects old and new, yet maintains their own identities.
In particular, starting from the river, we develop a spiral whose center coincides with the most important public space in the heart of the area for hotels and the tallest buildings.
We organize space on several levels, around the spiral, according to a dynamic trend that creates new perspectives with varying perspectives.
Geometry, seemingly unconstrained, is actually constructed in a strict manner, according to the Fibonacci spiral path.
The design expands by generating a sequence of near-parallel pedestrian avenues, along the  curved design.
This reduces the perspective effects of the typical orthogonal mesh. Routes are linear, but the overall effect is variable and evocative.
Between the buildings and sinuous cycling paths, the tallest buildings are interconnected by lower two-story buildings, with large front porches  that facilitate and promote pedestrian traffic and enhance the quality of commercial space,
Large scale design is unified but not repetitive.
The organizing elements are the park spaces with pedestrian cycle paths overlooked by the spaces for commercial activities on the ground floor.
Vehicular traffic is located in the basement, laboratories and management activities are on the upper floors.